An Takamaki (Persona 5)


An Takamaki is a character in the game “Persona 5”.


height 168cm
weight I completely forgot!
grade in school High school sophomore
birthday November 12
blood type Type B
constellation Scorpio
code name PANTHER
CV Nana Mizuki
Arcana Corp love
Family Composition Father, mother (both often absent), and any servants living with them
special skill speaks English almost like a native speaker (also reasonably strong in English for exams) and is not shy (she is not aware of this).
peculiarity When she thinks, she fiddles with her twintails.
hobbies Watching TV dramas, playing games (not on her phone, but on a portable game console)
food preferences She has a sweet tooth for both Japanese and Western food. Especially when it comes to cakes, she would rather have a cake instead of a meal. She hase a weakness for promotional menus such as “extra cream” crepes. Not a fan of soda juice.
Ideal image of a lover A man who is calm and mature like an English gentleman.
What if you won 700 million yen in the lottery? Buy the clothes and shoes I want for now.


Acting actress of the Phantom Thieves

A high school sophomore of American descent who attends a private high school, Shujin Gakuen.

She is a classmate of the protagonist and sits in the front seat.

She is a returnee from Sweden and is good at English, but not good at other studies.

Her parents are fashion designers who travel around the world and only stay home for half a year, so she lives on her own as a reader model.

She has blond hair, blue eyes, and is tall. She is blonde, blue-eyed, and tall, and her style is the best of the girls in the Phantom Thieves.

She wears a mini-skirt, red tights, boots, and a white hoodie, and her physical features make her stand out.

At first glance, she gives the impression of being a sexy beauty, but her innocent and straightforward personality and behavior is far from being in charge of sex appeal.

As mentioned above, her style is outstanding, and it can be said that she is the type of girl who brings out her sexiness not through her personality or behavior, but through her costume (thief suit, yukata, swimsuit, etc.).


Her initial persona is Carmen. Her Arcana attribute is “Love”.

She is a bewitching woman clad in a bright red flamenco-style dress.

Her gesture of swinging a man with a thorny whip in her hand is impressive.

Her model is the heroine of the same name who became famous in the opera.

Code Name

His code name is “Panther”.

He uses a whip as his melee weapon and a submachine gun as his remote weapon.

Her thief outfit consists of a red cat mask, a red body suit, and even a tail.

Her gloves are pink.

Because of her extreme appearance and weapons, she has been called a “leopard” and a “queen”, but she is not happy about it.

However, when she is in battle, she is known to say things like, “Don’t you think you’ve been beaten enough? “You’re not tortured enough! and wielding a whip, she seems to have the perfect qualities to be a queen.


Although she is innocent and honest with a strong sense of justice, she is shunned by those around her because of her flamboyant and beautiful appearance, which is not typically Japanese.

She has been isolated for a long time because he doesn’t fit in well with the people around him. The fact that there are strange rumors about Taku Kamoshida and herself in the school has also added to her isolation.

For this reason, she is very fond of Shiho Suzui, her best friend from middle school at the same high school, who has spoken to her without being misled by her appearance.

She has also been a classmate of Ryuji Sakamoto since junior high school, but since they were in different classes in high school, they have been estranged.

After joining the Phantom Thieves, he regains his natural cheerfulness and innocence, and becomes the refreshing agent that leads the Phantom Thieves in spirit.

Although he often speaks out of intuition and random thoughts, he is always considerate of others because he wants to cheer up those in need, and he can be angry with the villains from the standpoint of the weak.

However, due to the aforementioned isolation, she sometimes has a strong tendency to her those she is wary of.

She has a big sweet tooth and can eat as many sweet things as she wants.

She works as a reader model, but she doesn’t seem to be trying that hard to maintain her style, so she consumes a lot of sweets and works hard to burn calories.

“She is an actress of the Phantom Thieves. As her title “actress” implies, she often uses her flashy appearance to act as a decoy in diversion operations and attract the enemy with her acting… but her acting is completely bad in the beginning.

However, her acting is completely bad in the beginning, and she makes her friends feel cold because she is reading too much.

However, in the beginning of the film, her acting is completely bad.